Kgviz schema

A data model for describing configurations / stylesheets for visualzing graphs, and in particular Knowledge Graphs or Ontologies. These graphs are characterized by having meaningful edge labels, node categories, IDs or URIs on each element, as well as additional rich metadata on the nodes or edges. An example of a use of this is


  • Condition - a constraint or condition to be applied, e.g. type=Class
  • ConditionalProperty - conditionally applied properties based on filters
  • ElementConfiguration - Abstract parent for all coniguration classes
  • StyleSheet - A configuration for both global graph-level properties and element-level properties indicating how a KG should be rendered graphically





Built in

  • Bool
  • Decimal
  • ElementIdentifier
  • NCName
  • NodeIdentifier
  • URI
  • XSDDate
  • XSDDateTime
  • XSDTime
  • float
  • int
  • str


  • Color (str) - e.g. red, green
  • Node (str) - e.g. UBERON:0002101
  • Boolean (Bool) - A binary (true or false) value
  • Date (XSDDate) - a date (year, month and day) in an idealized calendar
  • Datetime (XSDDateTime) - The combination of a date and time
  • Decimal (Decimal) - A real number with arbitrary precision that conforms to the xsd:decimal specification
  • Double (float) - A real number that conforms to the xsd:double specification
  • Float (float) - A real number that conforms to the xsd:float specification
  • Integer (int) - An integer
  • Ncname (NCName) - Prefix part of CURIE
  • Nodeidentifier (NodeIdentifier) - A URI, CURIE or BNODE that represents a node in a model.
  • Objectidentifier (ElementIdentifier) - A URI or CURIE that represents an object in the model.
  • String (str) - A character string
  • Time (XSDTime) - A time object represents a (local) time of day, independent of any particular day
  • Uri (URI) - a complete URI
  • Uriorcurie (URIorCURIE) - a URI or a CURIE