I joined BBOP in October 2020 as a software developer. I have a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering but have been a software developer most of my career. Currently I’m involved in many projects with the Monarch Initiative. I’ve also contributed in projects relevant to Knowledge-Graph-Hub , Mapping Commons, LinkML and INCATools.

Some of the fun projects I’m involved in:

  • ontobot-change-agent: A GitHub bot for modifying ontology resources.
  • curate-gpt: CurateGPT is a prototype web application and framework for performing general purpose AI-guided curation and curation-related operations over collections of objects.
  • semsimian: Rust implementation of semantic similarity
  • OAK: Ontology Access Kit (OAK) is a python library & command line application for working with ontologies.
  • SSSOM: Simple Standard for Sharing Ontology Mappings (SSSOM) is a TSV-based representation for ontology term mappings.
  • kg-microbe: Knowledge graph development for microbial data.
  • MONDO: Mondo Disease Ontology (Mondo) aims to harmonize disease definitions across the world.

I’ve also been involved in developing project templates via cookiecutters: