The NCATS Biomedical Data Translator project seeks to “translate” the results of biological research into clinical practice. By bringing together disparate datasets from doctors, drug designers, geneticists, biologists and more, Translator aims to break down research silos, with the ultimate goal of increasing our understanding of disease mechanisms. In the first phase of Translator, the team integrated biomedical data into a comprehensive “Knowledge Graph” that represents functional relationships between different types of information (such as drugs, biological targets of drug action, diseases). In the next phase, we will establish a Translator consortium that will set community standards for reusing data, integrate new knowledge sources, and build tools that help tell the story of disease and how it unfolds.


Biomedical Data Translator Consortium. Toward A Universal Biomedical Data Translator. Clin Transl Sci. 2019 Mar;12(2):86–90. PMCID: PMC6440568

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